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Fiber Optic Terminator

Product description
Optical Terminator
Optical Terminators are functional devices using Metal-lon Doped fibers. These products prevent the reflection of light
that are present at open end systems.
■ Optical performance 100%factory tested
■ Easy installation as plug type
■ Precision ceramic ferrule with endface
■ Geometry per IEC proposal
■ Environmentally stable
■ Telecommunication Networks
■ Instrumentation
■ CATV Networks
■ Active Device Termination
Characteristics Conditions Values
Return Loss UPC >55 dB
APC >65 dB
Temperature Cycling -20℃~-80℃
Ordering Information
  • -. Polishing Grade: PC, UPC, APC
  • -. Connector Type: SC, FC, ST, LC
  • -. Fiber type: SM(9/125㎛), MM(50/125㎛), MM(62.5/125㎛)

Fiber Optic Teminator


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