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Fiber Optic Adapter

Product description
SC/FC, SC/LC, SC/ST, SC/MU, LC/MU, LC/FC, ST/FC | Hybrids | Military Grade
The Fiber Adapters, it is used for connection between various fiber connectors, fiber PatchCord, fiber pigtail and
fiber optic equipments, it offers the point to point connection in the fiberStandard Fiber Adapters allow users to
couple from one fiber connector type to another same type.
1. Fiber Optic Adapers are compliant with JIS, IEC, Bellcore standards
2. Ceramic or Phosphorous Bronze Sleeves Available
3. Convenience and ease of handling
4. Flanged or threaded mounting hardware
5. Various Types and customization available
1. Telecommunication Networks
2. CATV Networks
3. Data Communications Networks
4. Instrumentation
5. Local Area Networks
Characteristics of Fiber Optic Adapters Conditions of Fiber Optic Adapters Values
Mating Durability Cycling rate> 3sec, 500times <0.2 dB
Temperature Cycling -40~+80℃ (42Cycles) <0.2 dB
Humidity Cycling 75℃, 95% / 336 hr <0.2 dB
Vibration 10~55Hz (2hr) <0.2 dB
Impact 1.5m drop, 8 times <0.2 dB
Coupling 40N ± 1N, 120 sec <0.2 dB
Ordering Information
  • -. Color: Blue, Green, Beige
  • -. Sleeve: Zirconia, Bronze
  • -. Connector Type: SC, FC, ST, LC, MU
  • -. Polishing Grade: PC, UPC, APC
  • -. Fiber type: SM(9/125㎛), MM(62.5/125㎛)

Optical Fiber Adapter(Plug Type)
* Customized Specification is available upon request.
“Production according to customers specifications and packing requirements”


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