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CEO greetings

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As the leader of building IT infrastructure and armed with creative ideas, Luxcom
commits to quality management to deliver utmost satisfaction to customers and to
continuous product development in order to outperform others in the social network
system that sees speed-of-light change. In 2009, the company established
a concrete manufacturing process in which we manufacture splitters, connectors,
and various other IT devices and equipment for delivery to customers on-time.
Our highquality, stable production line and competent manpower earned us
recognition as one of the best plants in Gwangju Photonics Industrial Complex.
Furthermore, we stayed ahead of the market by launching new products through
constant R&D, including BBP, BBW, cooling system, integral rack, and others,
delivering solutions to the needs of high-speed communication facilities and
In Korea, we supply optical communication parts to KT, which is the country's
largest IT network service provider, and also engage in robust marketing
activities in overseas markets.
Luxcom is founded on the highest quality, constant R&D, customer service, and
integrity, on which we aim to be a significant contributor to advancing the
photonics industry.

CEO Ja-Yi. Jeon  


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