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LUXCOM's History
  • 2008 Year
  • -. Established Luxcom Corp.
    -. Registered as information and communication construction
  • 2009 Year
  • -. Acquired ISO9001
    -. Built plant and launched production
    -. Applied for patent for polarization-independent optic
       fiber-to-planner waveguide coupler
    -. Built home network in Daedonga Apartment Complex
  • 2010 Year
  • -. Invited to KT Vendor Coaching Program
    -. Opened R&D Center
    -. Acquired venture firm confirmation
    -. Installed digital keyphone in Seosan Elementary School, Gwangju
    -. Installed keyphone in Goryeo Middle School
    -. Connected optical cable at Gangyu Industrial Development
    -. Built CCTV at Donggang Univ. Industry-Academia Collaboration
    -. Installed digital keyphone at Seosan Elementary School, Gwangju
    -. Installed keyphone in Goryeo Middle School
    -. Constructed telecommunication in waterfront facilities at
       Woonri Middle East, Western Gwangju Education Office
    -. Installed keyphone at Joongang Elementary School, Gwangju
    -. Started exports to Japan
  • 2011 Year
  • -. Built 2nd plant
    -. Started exports to China
    -. Applied for patent for unmanned outdoor FRP container
    -. Acquired design registration
    -. Certified as job creating company - by Mayor of Gwangju
       Metropolitan City
    -. Certified as a promising small company - by Mayor of Gwangju
       Metropolitan City
    -. Secured patch cord marketing to KT and LG, the largest
       IT service providers in Korea
    -. Purchased and installed digital keyphone at Hwajung
       Elementary School, Gwangju
    -. Constructed telecommunication during water supply pipeline
       construction in Damyang Changpyung - Nammyun
    -. Constructed telecommunication at astronomical observation
       room at Gwangju Science High School


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