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Fiber Optic Assembly

Product description
Multi Fiber Assembly
Multi Fiber Assembly provide the installers of fiber optic cable with an excellent and timesaving tool.
You minimize the installation time and at the same time you secure a quality fiber optic connection in your network.
■ Compliance: JIS C-5973, IEC, BELLCORE
■ Optical performance 100% factory tested
■ Customized assemblies available include of lengths, connector styles and performance
■ Telecommunication Networks
■ Local Area Networks
■ CATV Networks
■ Active Device Termination
Characteristics Conditions Values
Insertion Loss Against reference connector <0.2 dB
Return Loss PC >45 dB
UPC >55 dB
APC >65 dB
Temperature Cycling -40 ~ +80℃(42Cycles) <0.2 dB
Humidity Cycling 75℃, 95%/ 336Hr <0.2 dB
Vibration 10~55Hz(2Hr) <0.2 dB
Flex Test 0。- >90。->0。- >90。, 5kgf(100cycles) <0.2 dB
Twist Test Ø0.9mm: 0.7kgf, Ø2.0mm: 1.53kgf <0.2 dB
Straight Pull Test 100N load <0.2 dB
Ordering Information
  • -. Fiber type: SM(9/125㎛), MM(50/125㎛), MM(62.5/125㎛)
  • -. Length(m): 1~99
  • -. Connector Type: SC, FC, ST, LC, MU, E2000, Other
  • -. Polishing Grade: PC, UPC, APC
  • -. Cord Diameter(mm): 0.9, 2.0
  • -. Fiber count: 4Core, 8Core, 12Core other

* Customized Specification is available upon request.
“Production according to customers specifications and packing requirements”


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