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Fiber Optic FTTx Customized Assembly

Product description
Customized Fiber Optic Assembly
Based on our own components and Fiber Optic cables for the Interconnector & Access area we offer customized
designs and future proof solution
■ Easy to connect & distribute
■ Compact & Superior design
■ Low insertion loss
■ Low back reflection
■ Convenience and easy to handle
■ Telecommunication Networks
■ Data Communications Networks
■ CATV Networks
■ Active Device Termination
■ Local Area Networks
Characteristics Conditions Values
Insertion Loss Against reference connector <0.2 dB
Return Loss UPC >55dB
APC >65dB
Temperature Cycling -40 ~ +80℃(12Cycles), 9hr <0.2 dB
Humidity Cycling -10 ~ +65℃, 95%RH, 96hr <0.2 dB
Vibration 3 orthogonal axes at 1.5mm double amplitude
below crossover
<0.2 dB
Impact 0.9kgf load (100cycles) <0.2 dB
Twist Test 4drops from 1meter onto a concrete surface <0.2 dB
Ordering Information
  • -. Cord length (m): 1~99
  • -. Connector Type: SC, FC, ST, LC, MU, Others
  • -. Polishing Grade: PC, UPC, APC

Fiber count
* Customized Specification is available upon request.
“Production according to customers specifications and packing requirements”


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