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Fiber Optic Pigtail

Product description
LD/PD Pigtails
Fiber optic pigtail is a piece of cable terminated with fiber optic connectors at only one side of the cable while leave the
other side no connectors, so that the connector side can link to the equipment and the other side can be melted with
optical cable fibers.
■ Precision ceramic ferrule with endface geometry per IEC proposal
■ Customized assemblies available
■ Optical Performance 100% Factory tested
■ Environmentally stable
■ Optical Module (LD, PD)
■ Passive device
■ Active device termination
■ AR-Coating available
■ AIR Bubble free
Characteristics Conditions Values
Insertion Loss <0.2 dB
Return Loss SPC >45 dB
UPC >55 dB
APC >65 dB
AdPC >40 dB
Ordering Information
  • -. Cord Diameter(mm): 0.9, 2.0
  • -. Length(m): 1~99
  • -. Connector Type: SC, FC, ST, LC, MU, Other
  • -. Cord Type: Simplex, Duplex Zip, Duplex Round, Other
  • -. Polishing Grade: PC, UPC, APC
  • -. Fiber type: SM(9/125㎛), MM(50/125㎛), MM(62.5/125㎛)

LD/PD Pigtail
* Customized Specification is available upon request.
“Production according to customers specifications and packing requirements”


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